3 Common Reasons Your Generator Won’t Start

There is nothing more frustrating than turning the key on your backup generator to discover that it won’t start. As a result, you begin to lose money and patience. It was supposed to provide you with energy when the power goes out, but now it is useless. Unfortunately, these things do happen and can prove to be very annoying for all concerned. Below we are discussing the main reasons why your generator won’t start and how a Generator Maintenance Program would save you time in the event of a breakdown.

Fluid Leak

A generator can stop working due to a fluid leak such as the coolant, fuel, or oil. If you manage to get the generator to work while there is a leak, it will not run correctly and may cause other issues. Usually, an inspection will be able to determine if there are any leakage issues. But if you don’t have regular enough maintenance, then a generator can, unfortunately, register a leak even when no leak exists. As a result, the system becomes choked on a build-up of carbon, fuel, oil, and various acids. If your generator does not run an automatic exercise cycle, you need to perform one manually to avoid these fluids building up. 

Dead Battery

This is the most common cause a generator won’t start. Ensure you have the correct sized battery installed and get it tested during a maintenance check. You need to replace the battery every 2 or 3 years.

Faulty Fuel Gauge

A faulty fuel gauge in any walk of life can be very frustrating and land you in some seriously sticky situations. If your fuel gauge does not work, you will not know that your fuel is running out, meaning it might cut out while you are in the middle of a critical job. Some generators are built with an alarm system that will sound when the fuel is getting low. However, not all do, so to ensure your gauge is working, you need to invest in having the fuel gauge measured. Running out of fuel is one of the most preventable problems there are, yet it is among the most common.

How a Generator Maintenance Program can Help

A generator maintenance service program can solve the majority of your generator problems. At Generator Supercenter of Maine, we offer a monitoring service called GenMonitor. It is a tool designed to advise you exactly when your generator needs servicing before realizing you need help. GenMonitor does this by using a remote diagnostic tool to monitor and send signals on your generator’s health via an online interface to one of our technicians. GenMonitor notifies us of any issues and alerts that a technician needs to go and attend to the generator. This 24/7 service is excellent for you as it will save you a lot of time. You will not have to worry about your generator breaking down. But in the unlikely event that it does, a technician is most likely already on the way. This offers you great peace of mind and will save you so much time as you no longer have to make lengthy calls and wait for service appointments. Call us today at 207-400-6277 or visit our showroom at 269 US RT-1 Unit # 104 Falmouth, ME 04105.

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